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Contributing Columnists

Donna Gray, D91 Superintendent

Year in Review 2018: Multi-year strategic plan comes together for D91
10:45 am CST January 2, 2019 by Donna Gray, D91 Superintendent News, School
Looking back on 2018, Lockport School District 91 is proud to celebrate the accomplishments of students and staff alike.

Todd Wernet, D205 Superintendent

Year in Review 2018: Student achievements make 2018 a ‘great year to be a Porter’
2:54 pm CST December 30, 2018 by Todd Wernet, D205 Superintendent News, School
Hello District 205 residents! This past year was marked with many outstanding achievements and student accomplishments, making 2018 truly a great year to be a Porter.

Steve Streit, Lockport Mayor

Year in Review 2018: City invests $14 million in CIP in 2018
2:30 pm CST December 30, 2018 by Steve Streit, Lockport Mayor News, City, Local Government
The City of Lockport has made significant progress on several major infrastructure improvement projects in 2018. The City continues to update aging infrastructure with approximately $14 million in investments into the Capital Improvement Plan this past year.