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Colleen Preboy, a kindergarten teacher at Milne Grove school, writes words of encouragement as she prepares to take part in a drive-by parade March 25. Photos by Mary Compton/22nd Century Media
Waiting to see her kindergarten teacher, Mavis Cote (center) holds a sign of love as the teachers from Milne Grove school drive by during a parade.
Colleen Preboy, a Kindergarten teacher at Milne Grove school holds her dog Wilbur as they take part in a drive-by parade.
Milne Grove third-grade teacher, Cheryl Steed, stands by her car with words of encouragement for the school's students.
Mary Compton, Freelance Reporter
3:23 pm CDT March 27, 2020

It was a perfect morning for a parade. Dressed in her pink princess dress, Mavis Kote, a kindergarten student at Milne Grove School in Lockport, was waiting in front of her house to see one person — her teacher. 

A few minutes later, teachers from the school with decorated cars passed by Kote’s house. The young girl waved and said “I love you, teacher.”